Frequently Asked Questions

1. My child is very involved in sports activities.  How does massage
    therapy benefit him or her? 
    Massage helps reduce injury and actually enables kids to perform
2. My child is not very active in sports.  Can massage still be
    Definitely!  Your child can still suffer from back, neck or shoulder
    pain due to:
    > Carrying heavy books
    > A bad fall
    > Poor posture
    > Sitting for long periods of time
3. My child suffers from headaches. Can massage help alleviate the
    Yes.  Many headaches are caused by:

    > Tight neck and shoulder muscles
    > Jaw clenching
    > Braces
    > Chewing gum
    > Allergies (sinus problems)
    > Eye strain - prolonged use of computer and video games
4. How does massage benefit kids during growth spurts?
    As bones are growing, muscles are stretching and can feel sore and
5. My child suffers from physical ailments.  Can massage therapy
    Absolutely!  Massage therapy is the #1 alternative health care option
    that can make a difference in your child's life. Through a regimen of
    stress reduction through muscular relaxation, massage can help
    manage illnesses, such as: 
     > Abdominal upsets                   > Headaches
     > ADD/ADHD                            > Leg Cramps
     > Asthma                                > Psoriasis
     > Bronchitis                             > Sinusitis
     > Depression                            > Sports Injuries
     > Growing Pains                       > Weight Gain/Loss
6. My child is dealing with emotional issues.  How will massage
    benefit him or her?
    There are many emotional stressors that children of all ages deal
    with, such as:
     > Anxiety                                     > School/Homework
     > Loss of a loved one and/or pet      > Moving
     > Bullying & peer pressure               > Changes/New Experiences 
     > Hurt feelings
     > Family situations (divorce, remarriage, sibling rivalry, etc.)
7. What does my child wear during the massage session?
    Shorts and a tank top.
8. Do you require an appointment?

    Yes. Click on Contact Us for details.  Please call us with any
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